The Disappearing Computer (DC) is a EU-funded proactive initiative of the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) activity of the Information Society Technologies (IST) research program.

The mission of the initiative is to see how information technology can be diffused into everyday objects and settings, and to see how this can lead to new ways of supporting and enhancing people's lives that go above and beyond what is possible with the computer today.

Specifically, the initiative focuses on three-interlinked objectives:

  • Investigate the new approaches for designing for collections of artefacts in everyday settings, and how to ensure that people's experience in these new environments is coherent and engaging.

The initiative addresses these three objectives with a number of independent research projects and a number of support activities run by a network made up of a representation of all project partners.

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New notice: 02/10/2003

Open Day of DC Jamboree 2003
@ Interaction Design Institute IVREA: Announcement, schedule and location information.

New notice: 08/09/2003

Members only: Schedule, Contact and Location information for the third Disappearing Computer Jamboree is now available

Notice: 17/03/2003

The web site of the new "Disappearing Computer-2" FET proactive initiative can be found here.

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