The Disappearing Computer Jamboree 2003

The EU-funded proactive initiative "The Disappearing Computer" will be holding its 3rd and final Jamboree event on November 20-22, 2003 at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy. The first two days are dedicated to the final reviews of the DC-projects and not open to the public. You are warmly invited to participate in the 'open day' for the broader research community, which is on taking place on the third day, i.e. Saturday 22nd November.

For the open day, the entrance is free; registration will be done upon arrival.

This event will show the results and demo-prototypes created by the projects of the Disappearing Computer Initiative of the EU Future and Emerging Technologies. The Disappearing computer looks at new ways of supporting and enhancing people's lives by diffusing information technologies into everyday objects and settings. 17 projects will be displaying their findings showing how we can diffuse information technology into everyday objects and things, create new information artefacts with new functionality, and provide new ways for people to interact with technology. Most projects are in their final year and will be showing the final results of their research- this is a golden opportunity to see the cutting edge.

As well as the exhibitions of the DC projects, the programme will comprise of talks by leading people in the DC field, and a number of workshops organised by DC Net and Convivio - The Network for People-Centred Design of Interactive Systems.

The Officine exhibition hall and the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, (Blue Building), Ivrea, Italy.

Detailed location information can be found at: A map can be found here.

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The public schedule for the 2003 jamboree can be found here: (pdf) (doc)

Please use this floorplan in order to help navigate around the exhibition.

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