Distributed WORK support through component
based SPAtial Computing Environments
| IST-2000-25290

The disappearing computer is about moving from traditional screen and keyboard interfaces into pervasive computing where the users' interface to computing becomes a variety of appliances and devices. The objective of the WorkSPACE project is to develop software components and hardware artefacts, which can be combined and integrated into various kinds of augmented reality work places, environments, and fields. The WorkSPACE components will enable support for a diversity of work situations ranging from individual work, through local collaboration, to distributed collaboration. We call this �augmented work support through Spatial Computing Environments�, emphasizing that: 1) computing takes place inside many components of the distributed space, and 2) computing tracks objects and people and affects the physical spaces through projections, sounds, lights etc.

The main aim is to augment the work environment through spatial computing components, initially for members of the design professions, but with applicability to a wide range of work domains.




University of Aarhus,
Department of Computer Science,
Aabogade 34,
DK-8200 Aarhus N, Denmark

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University of Lancaster,
Department of Sociology,
Lancaster, UK

Aarhus School of Architecture,
Department of Communication Design
Aarhus, Denmark

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