Multiple Intimate Media Environments | IST-2000-25286
Website: www.mimeproject.org

We surround ourselves with and carry with us artefacts representing people, memories, facts and events. These artefacts have strong personal and emotional components for us. They support our need to create, maintain and experience our own mental, physical and digital ecologies and become what we call intimate media. We propose that instead of intimate media disappearing into the computer, the computer will disappear into everyday artefacts thus creating new ways of accessing, editing, collecting, storing and sharing intimate media. The project aims to enable people to experience an easy, familiar closeness to their intimate media at home or underway. Through the creation of relevant artefacts and interactions MIME provides scenarios allowing people to access, collect, edit, store and share, new TM intimate media in various contexts and locations.




Philips Design,
Emmasingel 24,
Building HDW-4,
5611 AZ Eindhoven,
The Netherlands.
Contact:Geke Deetman
Tel: +31 40 27 59277
Fax: + 31 40 27 59211

Xerox Research Centre Europe,
Cambridge, UK.
Contact:James Pycock

Nottingham University,
Nottingham, UK.
Contact: Tom Rodden

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