Designing Interactive, Intergenerational Interfaces
for Living Together
| IST-2000-26068

The project will study and develop, together with families, technologies that facilitate generations living together. A Swedish-French interdisciplinary consortium of scientists from computing, sociology and education has been formed. We plan on studying the communication needs within intergenerational relationships in families, and developing innovative artefacts that support such needs while blending into family environments. We will then study the impact that these technologies can have on today's families. We intend to build on ethnographic studies of in-home communication, using "shared surfaces " ( e.g. bulletin-boards, post-it-notes) as a general metaphor to facilitate everyday communications. Then we will design, co-operatively with family members, augmented, comfortable "shared surfaces" that we will integrate into the families ' homes. The expected results are working prototypes designed with the users, studied and evaluated in use.




Contact: Yngve Sundblad
SE-100 44 Stockholm,
Tel +46 8 790 9273
Fax +46 8 790 9099

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