Non Intrusive services to support focused,
efficient, and enjoyable local activities
| IST-2000-26135
Website: www.feelproject.org

The purpose of this project is the design of interactive spaces, where local collaborative work can be carried out with minimal intrusions, still allowing for distributed work going on in parallel. The main focus is on the synchronization of services supporting efficient local collaboration and services supporting distributed work for each participant. The synchronization mechanisms will depend on an adequate design of the hardware aspects of an interactive space heavily depending on the disappearing computer paradigm. The focus will be on interactive spaces useful for project-based education: a space for briefing, brainstorming and non-conventional collaboration in small groups. Activities during the first year will concentrate on the synchronization of notification messages from services that want to reach the participants of the collaboration and the routing of a subset of these messages to a heterogeneous set of private/public multimedia output devices available in the interactive space. In this first phase, papers, mobile phones and personal computer will still be part of the collaborative environment. In the coming years we will implement a more truly paperless and computerless collaborative environment, that, however, will still as far as possible retain each participant’s access to his/her personal electronic working context.




SICS (Swedish Institute for Computer Science)

Professor Magnus Boman

KTH (Royal institute of Technology) & Stockholm University
Department for Computer and Systems Sciences,
Electrum 230,
SE-16440 Kista, Sweden

University of Southhampton
IAM research group(Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia)
Southampton, UK

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