A Runtime for Adaptive and
Extensible Wireless Wearables
| IST-2000-25286
Website: 2wear.ics.forth.gr

The goal of the 2WEAR project is to explore the vision of a distributed personal computing system that is built on-the-fly by combining several different devices. The future mobile will consist of several small and physically distributed devices connected via a wireless communication network. Each of these devices may provide a different function and be integrated in objects worn casually, such as ear-phones, glasses, buttons, pens and wallets. This wearable system will be highly versatile and dynamically extensible allowing the user to combine devices in an ad hoc fashion according to her current needs. It will also be context-aware, being able to sense and seamlessly connect to various devices, exploiting the available surrounding computing infrastructure. For this purpose, software may be dynamically downloaded and activated on the wearable, to be removed when access to these external systems is no longer needed. Applications running on the wearable will adapt their behaviour according to the changing configuration of the system. The system will dynamically adapt its functional and interactive elements, based on the availability of components without having to reset or shutdown running applications. The project will develop and experiment with such a wearable system, focusing on extensibility and adaptation issues.




ICS-FORTH: Institute of Computer Science,
Foundation for Research and Technology
Vassilika Vouton,
GR 71110 Heraklion, Greece
NOKIA: Nokia Research Center, Nokia (Finland)
Spyros Lalis

ETHZ: Institute of Computer Systems,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology


MASC: MA Systems and Control Ltd.
(United Kingdom

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